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Former PGA Tour Commissioner Deane Beman and Veritas Golf have come up with a one-of-a-kind putter. In what can only be called a marriage of customization and science, The Cure Putters will be one of the biggest new products of the year. The most technologically advanced putter ever made will make this putter impossible to ignore.

Golf Channel’s Michael Breed (host of Golf Fix)  remarked, “This putter is fantastic.” Other industry notables also cast positive favor upon the RX, with PGA TOUR, Champions TOUR and LPGA players all fawning over the putter’s oversized head, adjustability and stability.

As you can see in the photo below, the center-shafted Cure Putter looks like nothing else on the market. For one thing, its lightweight aircraft aluminum head is huge, yet no heavier than a standard putter head. Additionally, both the heel and toe can be outfitted with large weights. These aluminum and stainless steel weights can be easily switched in and out to give the head a weight anywhere from 350 grams to 600 grams – and with so much of the head’s heft on the far ends, the putter feels extremely stable through the stroke. That extreme perimeter weighting also means the head will deliver solid blow even when the golfer hits the ball off-center – which, Beman says, most of us do a lot of the time – and keep the head from twisting.

The lie of the Core putter also can be adjusted from 10 degrees all the way to 24 degrees, and every head can be easily configured for either a left-handed or right-handed golfer. In addition, the Center of Gravity is positioned right at the golf ball’s equator – much higher than on most standard putters – to give the putter zero loft and reduce the backspin that so many putters impart on the ball at impact.

PGA TOUR veteran Bruce Fleisher walked out with a new Cure RX2 in hand saying, “Alignment has always been important to me. I’ve always been a good reader of the greens, and if this putter will help me aim the way Deane says it can, then this putter can eliminate a lot of my anxiety.” Big Break finalist Selanne Henderson took home a Cure RX2 to test drive for a month. Said Henderson on the Show’s practice green, “I can’t seem to miss with this putter.”

“The energy coming out of this show is incredible,” stated Veritas CEO James P. McCarthy. He continued, “Our booth was crowded from the minute the doors opened to 30 minutes after it closed. We were still giving demos as they were tearing up the carpets. If the reactions from media, players and shop owners are correct, then the Cure Putters will revolutionize the putter segment of this industry.”

Howard Wykoff, a thirty-five year PGA Professional, at his 35th PGA Merchandise show, stated, “This year this is without a doubt the best item at the show, not only for my own game but for my students as well.” And Ed Czerwinski, owner of Golf Fore Less in Hyannis (MA) stated, “The putter was amazing. The alignment was good and easy, and the distance control was repeatable. For my customers this is going to reduce their three putts, and help on long putts. I’m going to sell a lot of these.”

Founded by PGA Professional, Jeff Ryan, and partner Steve Davis, an architect with a scratch handicap, the Veritas Golf Company started with the Cure Rx1 putter, which represented a breakthrough in putter engineering from several perspectives. Based on the highest MOI face in the industry, adjustable lie angles, customizable weights, right or left hand adjustable, Beman says “the Rx1 made every other putter obsolete.”

Beman, who joined the company as Vice President of Tour Relations, and Davis took that science-based philosophy one step further to develop the revolutionary Cure Rx2 putter, which incorporates the eye-popping triangulation alignment system developed by Beman. This stunning new putter is simply easier to align than traditional linear alignment putters. The ball forms the “point” of a triangle with the two alignment discs on the heel and toe of the putter. This triangle can be easily, naturally and dependably aimed on the line of the putt. The Cure RX Putters are now available online through the Veritas Website ( and through the clubs and stores they signed at the Merchandise Show. The RX1 retails for $199 and the RX2 retails for $269.


July 4th weekend, while the sky was ablaze with fireworks, Cure Putters was busy lighting up the greens as the company announced the addition of four bold new colors to their line of completely customizable RX Series Putters. Available colors now include blue, red, orange and hot pink, in addition to the standard black and silver color options.

Said CEO James P. McCarthy, “We are excited to be able to offer these great new colors, but it is really just the icing on the cake. What really matters is that our putters can and will help golfers of any skill level perform better and have more confidence on the greens.
The original idea for the colors came from some of the LPGA players at the PGA Merchandise show. They wanted to order several heads to match different outfits. Once we started to show the first color samples to the guys on the PGA TOUR and to the amateurs at our green grass locations, they thought colors would be a fantastic advantage.”

McCarthy Continued, “We’ve got some local players here in Jacksonville, for example, who played for the University of Florida and matched a blue head with an orange grip. Adding colors simply gives us one more advantage over other putter companies when it comes to complete customization. Whether it is your school colors, your favorite outfit or you simply find a color that helps you visualize your stroke better, Cure Putters offers choices like no other putter company on the planet.”

cure putters

cure putter

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