Coolibar Crushable Ventilated Canvas Hat

coolibar hatThe second hat in our review of Hats to Beat the Heat is the Coolibar Crushable Ventilated Canvas Hat.

Coolibar is a company that is all about sun protection. They were the first sun-protective clothing company to be recommended by The American Academy of Dermatology, the Skin Cancer Foundation and Approved by Melanoma International Foundation. That’s because their clothing and accessories actually prevent ultraviolet rays from reaching your skin. That alone should make you want to wear their hat and their clothing, if you really are interested in protecting yourself from the sun!

As I’ve gotten older and hopefully wiser, I have become more and more aware of protecting my body, face and eyes from the sun, so it is no surprise that I wear a hat when playing golf. I use to wear the standard baseball style cap,  but a little over a year ago I started wearing wider brimmed hats. Now I can’t image playing in anything else.

I’ve been through quite a few hats in the last year or so looking for that hat that will give me the protection I need. Believe me when I tell you I’ve tried ‘em all…some have been too tight, some too loose, some too just not me (see Style below) but none have been close to the  Coolibar Packable Wide Brim Sun Hat.

Packed with features to help You Beat the Heat, we feel The Coolibar Crushable Ventilated Canvas Hat is the best looking hat we tested. It has a good-size brim to keep you protected from the sun while also being comfortable and stylish.


  • Broad 3″ brim for great UV protection
  • Mesh ventilated crown for comfort
  • Internal elastic band for a snug fit
  • Adjustable chin cord holds hat in place, even in windy conditions
  • Travel-friendly crushable construction
  • Lightweight natural cotton/polyester canvas
  • Spot Clean
  • Imported
  • Rated UPF 50+

Sun Protection

A three inch brim all the way around gives you excellent protection from the sun. It is also rated at 50+ UPF, which will give you almost 100% protection from all of the harmful UV radiation beating down on you.


This hat is stylish and comfortable. It has an internal elastic band that gives it a really nice fit so that it stays on your head without being too tight. It’s kind of hard to describe, but, it just fits and stays put. If it is a really windy day and you feel like you need a little extra staying on power,  you can always use the neck cinch cord. In our testing of the hat,  we never felt the need to use the cinch cord and left it looped over the back of the hat.


This is one of two factors where the Coolibar did not excel and that is not a bad thing. As part of the protection factor, Coolibar elected to use a protective liner in the top of the hat, which gives you a lot more protection from the sun at the expense of breathability. The hat is ventilated so it is not totally unbreathable, it is just not as breathable as some of the competition. However, I had no problems with feeling like the top of my head was too hot while wearing this hat and knowing that I was getting extra protection from the sun made it worthwhile.


The hat is very durable and snaps back to shape really well after being crushed from top to bottom. After completely crushing the hat and leaving it crushed for an extend period of time, the hat did show some signs of wear but the hat was still very wearable.

Our biggest concern here is in keeping the hat clean. The hat we tried was a very light Natural color and looks like it will show dirt and/or smudges. I don’t think you would have any issues if you select the darker Khaki or Moss colored hats. On the plus side,  the light colored hat should be cooler than the darker colors.


First rule: If it doesn’t look good, you’re not going to wear it. Sandra Bullock put it best in the movie The Blindside, when she said if you don’t like it when you first see it, then just put it back on the rack,  it’s not going to look better when you get it home. I agree with that 100% and I’m going to tell you to my eye, this hat looks good and it is stylish. It is by far the best looking hat we tested.


With a retail price of fifty dollars ($50), the Coolibar Crushable Ventilated Canvas Hat is a bargain.  The hat is worth every penny –  it will provide you with the protection you need, the comfort you demand and at a price you can afford.

In Closing

The Coolibar Crushable Ventilated Canvas Hat meets all of the criteria to be a hat you should wear to Beat the Heat. However, as with all products we are reviewing the most important factor is for you to find the hat that you will actually wear. After all,  the best hat in the world won’t help you if it’s in the closet. So find a hat you like and wear it!

Coolibar offers a wide variety of hats and clothing for both men and women, so if this hat isn’t what you are looking for,  be sure and check out their website to find one that you will like.

For more information about this hat and all of Coolibar’s other sun protection products,  check out their web site:


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