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Coach Labs GEN i1 – the World’s First & Only Intelligent Golf Ball

gen i1At last year’s PGA Merchandise Show the GEN i1 by Coach Labs was recognized as the “Best New Game Improvement Device of the Year.” The patent pending GEN i1 golf ball’s core contains a nine axis embedded sensor and on-board MCU that acts like a miniature launch monitor inside. The “smart” ball is calibrated specifically for putting, measuring initial direction, speed, impact force, and ball rotation. The data is then transmitted through an appto your mobile device via Bluetooth. In addition, the GEN i1 comes with a sensor for the handle or your putter that shows the cause and effect of your stroke and ball line.

“The GEN i1 has been designed through a very sophisticated, patented technology and manufacturing process that is connecting golf performance with play,” said Jason Koo, Founder of Coach Labs, Inc. “Coach Labs is several years ahead of any smart ball technology
currently in development. And as the first company to bring a smart ball to the retail market, we are extremely excited to announce that Coach Labs, headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, will be unveiling the GEN i2- the first full swing smart ball this January at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.”

The GEN i1 app is very easy and intuitive. Once the user creates an account, the GEN i1 will be able to assess his/her skill level and provide a customized practice plan that will entertain while improving their skills. GEN i2 will provide golfers with their full swing data including direction, spin rate, distance and ball speed. GEN i3 will be modified for indoor use only and practice in golf simulators and for gaming applications.

Coach Labs is in negotiations with one of the largest multi-player mobile golf games. Integrating GEN i1 hardware with realistic golf graphics is just the beginning of the capabilities coming this spring.

“The future of smart technology and creating interactive experiences in golf continues to push the envelope and is making golf cool again, both on and off the course,” added Koo. “It’s great for the sport and is definitely growing the game in new ways.” Curt Menefee, host of the Fox NFL Sunday, and a partner in Coach Labs, will be attending the PGA Show.

GEN i1 is available now at beginning at $99 per system. For more information you can go to or call Coach Labs at 888-766-5554.

Coach Labs Inc. empowers athletes and coaches with professional and highly accurate technology to increase performance. Jason Koo, founder of Coach Labs Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and inventor of the KooClip, a sunglass visor clip, and co-inventor of the SnapCap, two-piece golf ferrules. He has 20 years experience as an inventor and product developer that spans retail, promotional products, electronics for sports and technology.

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