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Club Champion

If you really want to improve your game, get fit today!

 It is the hope of every golfer when they purchase new golf equipment that they are going to improve. They hope by buying the latest and greatest new driver or set of irons is what is going to take their scores from the mid-90s into the 80s. Everyone thanks new clubs are bound to make you better! Sometimes that happens but unfortunately most of the time, scores don’t get better.

The reason that new equipment doesn’t improve a player’s game isn’t necessarily the equipment or the player. New technology is wonderful. Golf clubs today are definitely easier to hit and go further than just a few years ago. The problem is that the equipment may not “fit” the player. If a club doesn’t suit a player’s swing or physique, it is very difficult to hit the club consistently well.

If a player’s equipment doesn’t fit, it’s nearly impossible to make an efficient golf swing. A player will make compensations in the golf swing in an attempt to correct poor ball flight caused by the golf club that does not fit. With equipment that fits properly, a player has the greatest opportunity to make an optimal golf swing.

Many amateur golfers don’t think they need custom fitted clubs or that they aren’t good enough to justify custom fitting. I’m going to tell you just the opposite, the higher your handicap, the more you need to be custom fitted.

When I was contacted by Club Champion to do a custom club fitting at their new Orlando location on Turkey Lake Road, I jumped at the opportunity and said Yes!

Over the years, I had been custom fitted for clubs many times. However, after my visit to Club Champion, I learned that I had never been custom fitted. I had only been analyzed to make minor adjustments to lie, loft and shaft length. A real custom fitting involves all of these factors and more.

When playing with stock equipment, what you are doing is playing with equipment that has been produced to fit that particular club manufacturers best guess at what the average golfer will need. The problem with this is, there aren’t too many people that fit this average golfer mold.

Making a golf swing using clubs that don’t match the body, encourages players to make unnatural compensations that prevent them from developing proper mechanics. When the length and lie angle aren’t right, your posture doesn’t have a chance of being correct. Add to that a shaft that is too stiff and you’ll be doing things to try and get the ball airborne instead of letting the club do it’s job.

This is where Club Champion custom fitting comes in. After you have been fitted, you will have the proper equipment, that has been designed specifically for your unique shape, swing and skill level. And that can lead to lower scores, a better enjoyment of the game and possibly the elimination of some aches and pains you might be suffering after a round of golf.

The Club Champion Process

club championWhen I arrived at Club Champion, I was greeted by Rob Stumpf, Master Fitter and Builder. After introductions, Rob gave me the nickel tour. First he showed me the putting area with the Science and Motion (SAM) PuttLab where over 28 different putting stroke parameters can be measured to help you save strokes on the greens.

Next, he showed me the hitting bays and explained how they were able to use the Trackman Launch Monitor to analyze launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, club head speed, the all important Smash Factor and a host of other swing parameters. The tee mats were some of the best I’ve ever seen, with a real grass feel that allowed irons to feel as natural as hitting off real turf.

So it was now time to hit some balls, or so I thought. But before we got going, Rob wanted to spend some time talking and getting to know what I thought about my current game, what clubs I was using, how I decided on that equipment and what I was looking for out of my game.

Finally, Rob gave the go ahead and told me to pull out my six iron and get warmed up. After a few swings, I was told to get the Driver out and get going. It didn’t take me long to show Rob exactly what I had or in my case what I was missing. My Smash Factor was low and my Spin Rate high. Even though I didn’t totally understand all of the numbers, Rob explained them and he was confident that he could get me the right combination of shaft and head that would get my Smash Factor and Spin Rate to more acceptable levels.

This is where how the real fitting session began. It was kind of like going to the Eye Doctor and he starts asking you which is better 1 or 2, then 2 or 3. The only difference is that it goes like this…hit a few balls, then try this shaft, hit a few balls, try this head, hit a few balls, lets go back and try this shaft, hit a few balls let’s switch to this head. Repeat. Then finally an OK, I think we’ve got it. Instead of the Eye Doctor relying on you to actually tell a difference between 1 and 2, the Club Doctor gives you a look at the computer to see an Excel like view of your swing data and you quickly agree with the combination of shaft and club.

Even with the computer to back up the examination, one of the most impressive parts was how knowledgeable Rob was in knowing what combinations would probably work best for me. After seeing my baseline numbers, he already had a pretty good idea of what I needed and what to get me started with.

Even though the Trackman Numbers are relied on to prove the point, it was not a session of the computer says this, so do that. Instead it was try this and how did that feel, was it comfortable, did you feel anything unusual in the swing? After we had been through many combinations of heads/shafts, we looked at all of the numbers for all of the swings I had made. We then hide any of the data rows that were not good for me and we were left with several rows of data that were acceptable for my unique swing/shape. Then it was back to hitting those combinations again to make sure I could repeat the numbers and was completely comfortable with the club. It was then finally narrowed down to two combinations that were both about equal.

All I can say is what a process…If you want to play better golf, you need equipment that will help you achieve that goal. A Club Champion custom fitting will provide you with the scientific data to get the right clubs in your hands that are right for your unique shape and swing.


About Club Champion

Club Champion is a Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter, a custom club fitter and builder of premium golf clubs. Their mission is to help people enjoy the game of golf by improving their equipment to fit their game.

Club Champion got it’s start in a garage in the suburbs of Chicago back in 1995 as EJL Custom Golf.  In 2010, the name was changed to Club Champion when venture capital investors decided to take the brand nationwide.

Today there are stores in Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, Orlando and more to come.

For more information about Club Champion and to schedule an appointment visit the Club Champion web site at:

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