Cleaner Balls Have Better Game

LaGila Golf Wipes Demonstrate “Cleaner Balls Have Better Game” at Orlando PGA Show

lagilaA proper cleaned golf ball can fly further, faster and with greater accuracy than one with even a speck of dirt. LaGila Golf Wipes, the only pre-moistened, dual sided disposable wipes designed specifically for golf balls and golf clubs, demonstrated the proper way to clean golf balls–and the difference a clean play makes–at the PGA 2015 Merchandise Show.

LaGila Golf Wipes showed that “Cleaner Balls Have Better Game” at its display in the New Product Showcase during PGA Show Demo Day on at the Orange County National Golf Center.

Moistened with an effective, skin safe and pleasant smelling cleaner that leaves no residue, LaGila Golf Wipes have a soft texture on one side for quick, light surface cleaning and a non-destructive abrasive side for a deeper and more thorough cleansing.

Packaged in flow packs of 18, LaGila Golf Wipes can be tucked easily into a golf bag. The abrasive side of the wipes leaves no need for club brushes, making the wipes more convenient, more accessible and easier to use on the tee or the green. Since they are disposable, they can simply be tossed after use, with no messy towels to take home to be laundered.


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