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Biion Footwear Partners with the Executive Women’s Golf Association

Biion Footwear, a Canadian manufacturer of inspirational and innovative footwear for golf, makes a progressive move to partner with the largest women-focused national amateur golf association in the United States – the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA).


“This step to align with the EWGA is based on the Biion Footwear consumer. Unlike most golf shoe companies which are primarily focused on the male golfer, the Biion Footwear demographic is split at 60% male golfers and 40% female golfers. So, aligning the company with an influential organization like the EWGA who embodies a significant portion of our market sales was a great tactical decision,” commented Biion Footwear President and CEO Rick Buchanan.

Biion Footwear is fresh, bold, and comprises unconventional materials like (EVA) to produce the most original golf shoes EVER. These lifestyle driven but highly functional line of footwear will be available for EWGA members at select EWGA events with special rates throughout the year. Company sponsorship will be seen at the EWGA Member Clubhouse and Newsletter.

“This partnership with EWGA is a great opportunity for Biion Footwear as it provides us an ideal platform to showcase Biion Footwear. We’re looking forward to a long term relationship with the EWGA,” added Buchanan.

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About Biion Footwear:

Biion Footwear was developed to inspire and represent people who don’t settle for the average or the norm. Their customers are tastemakers, trailblazers, trendsetters and influencers. Those who are bold enough to embrace their own rules.

The company was born out of a vision to create a versatile, comfortable, slip-on shoe that not only stands out from the crowd but attracts a crowd and fits a vast array of consumers. This foresight transcends lifestyle and transitions into golf.

From the outside, the Biion Golf Shoe appears to an unapologetically fashionable golf shoe but from the inside, the Biion Golf Shoe possesses performance factors that separate their footwear from their competitors.

The ultra-light, ultra-flexible Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material is extremely light weight and keeps any golfer light on their feet throughout an entire round. EVA’s nano-molecular structure also provides an effect of smoothness and gives a consistently comfortable fit.

Biion’s flexible, form-fitting EVA moves with the body with every step to provide a connection to the ground like no other golf shoe. It’s the closest feel to walking in bare feet!

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