Beat the Heat

Summer is here and as the temperature goes up the golf rates go down.  Take a look at our special offers to see what I’m talking about.  If you’re playing golf during the summer, and I hope you are, what can you do to enjoy your round and stay healthy while on the course?

We are going to provide you with some tips that you should follow anytime you are going to be outside in the heat but especially on the golf course.  Over the next few weeks,  we are going to be reviewing some products that will help you Beat The Heat.

beat the heatSun Exposure

Obviously, sun exposure is the Number One factor when Beating the Heat. Prolonged exposure can have long-term effects on our bodies and we should do everything we can to prevent over exposure.

Always carry a high SPF sun block in your bag and apply before and during your round. This should be done year-round for skin protection, not only in the summer months.

Protect Your Eyes – Wear polarized sunglasses that help block damaging UV rays. If you aren’t comfortable wearing the glasses while playing, at least wear them between shots.

Wear a hat or a visor to protect your head and face from sunburn.

Hydrate Yourself

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do when trying to Beat the Heat. Most people wait until they are thirsty to drink. Once you are thirsty – it’s too late, you are already dehydrated. To Beat the Heat, you need to start drinking extra water at least the day before you play, or better yet for several days before playing.

On the course, if the temperature is in the 90s, you should drink a bottle of water every 3 holes. Yes that is 6 bottles of water during an 18 hole round. You should carry a bottle of water bottle with you to the golf course, or buy one at the course. Drink It, Save It and Refill It. Repeat as often as you can, your body will thank-you.

Although the beverage cart will probably visit you during your round, choose wisely when making a purchase. Avoid alcohol and caffeine during hot weather. Beer and drinks with alcohol help contribute to dehydration, so stick with water or a sports drink (with no or low sugar).


Start your round after having eaten a healthy meal at least an hour before your tee time. Don’t eat on the run to the course and remember that most fast food restaurants don’t serve the kind of healthy meal you need to fuel your body to play 18 holes.

A good healthy meal to start is just the beginning.  During a hot day on the course,  your body will burn through that fuel in a hurry. However, you need to avoid the traditional convenience foods like candy bars, drinks full of sugar, and salty chips. These foods give you a quick energy boost, typically followed by an energy crash. Choosing the right snack foods helps your body maintain your energy level. When you have snacks during a round, choose natural sources of protein and fat, such as nuts and jerky. You can also have carbohydrates in the form of fruits and whole grains. These are better for you both during and after a round.


Dress with comfort in mind. Light colored or bright colored clothing during the summer is not only a fashion statement, it is will also help you to Beat the Heat.

  • Whites and bright colors will reflect the sun’s rays (darker colors absorb the sun’s rays and retain the heat).
  • Wear loose fitting, lightweight shirts that allow air to circulate, which helps you maintain a normal body temperature. If your shirts are too tight, your body could overheat.
  • Choose cotton of moisture wicking shirts. A lot of today’s golf clothing is made of moisture wicking materials, designed to keep you dry and comfortable. The goal here is to keep the clothes breathable and not have your shirt stick to you when you start to sweat. You’ll feel more comfortable, stay cooler and play better.
  • Consider a wide brimmed hat that will protect your ears, neck and face more than a cap or visor. If the wide brimmed hat isn’t your style, be sure to at least wear a visor or cap.

Be Smart and Apply Common Sense

Don’t be stupid. If you are weak or feel faint or dizzy, you should take immediate action to get out of the heat. Don’t stay on the course because you have a chance to break 80.  No round of golf is worth your health or risking heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Get in the cart and get to the clubhouse. Get hydrated and cool down and don’t drive until your body has recovered.

Although much of this information may seem like common sense to most of us, where we fail is in actually using common sense: we forget to apply the sun-block, leave the hat in the car, and have a few beers on the course. However, the sun and heat can be a formidable foe. If you don’t remember to apply common sense to beat the heat, at the very least, it will show up on your score-card, but even worse, you can seriously hurt yourself.

By following these tips, you can still enjoy a round of golf on a hot, summer day. So, get out there and enjoy the summer!

One last tip that many people don’t remember…When you arrive at the course, try and pick a parking place that will be in the shade in 4 hours. Don’t look for the shade when you arrive, pick a spot that will be in the shade when your round is ending, so your car will have time to cool down near the end of your round.

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